This month, we’d like to introduce you to Maureen Mader, a client at SLA Group for the past 10 years. Maureen works as a senior fitness specialist, passionately helping older adults stay healthy and fit. She strives to help this population age gracefully with balance, strength and flexibility, with personalized exercise plans based on their specific needs and limitations.

This job is Maureen’s “second act”. Upon retiring from a 30 year career in computer supply sales, Maureen found she was not quite ready to stop working. She set out to find a new path, one that might combine her love of fitness with her desire to work with older adults.

Not sure where to start, Maureen signed up for a 1 week class to become a personal trainer offered by The Cooper Clinic. Knowing she wanted to work with an older population, and do so safely, she then decided to enroll in a more indepth course at the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI). Her classmates were much younger, and though sweet and encouraging, seemed not to expect her to do well with the rigorous requirements of the 6 month long course requiring training 4 days per week. They made comments like, “You got this, Maureen” when it was her turn, and yes, she certainly did. Maureen found she was able to keep up with the other students and then some.

Equipped with the additional knowledge from the NPTI and a senior certification, Maureen then volunteered at a nearby independent living facility providing exercise instruction, encouragement and motivation to her students. Other locations began to take notice of Maureen’s efforts and offered paid opportunities to work with their residents as well. She added chair yoga to her class offerings to meet the needs of individuals with less mobility.

Recently Maureen expanded her business, “Fit to Live”, by adding a work-out facility in her home where she trains individuals 3-4 times per week upon referral. Clients are comfortable with Maureen knowing she structures workouts for each person individually depending on their physical condition and personal goals. She also enrolls in continuing education courses regularly to stay up to date on effective and safe techniques to use with this population. Perhaps most importantly, Maureen truly cares about the health of her clients.

Maureen’s “second act” is inspiring. She found a way to make a difference in people’s lives by promoting fitness in a comfortable and nurturing environment. At the same time, she meets wonderful people who have amazing life experiences to share. She listens with great interest to their stories about their lives, families and past accomplishments, while helping them adopt healthier lifestyles. It’s a win-win.

Contact Maureen Mader for more information about “Fit to Live” at 214-213-9889 or via email.